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JUN 19th 2014

6 Broker Support Program Features For Insurance Agents

JUN 19th 2014
6 Broker Support Program Features For Insurance Agents

Since officially launching our Broker Support Program (news release), more than 100 licensed insurance agents from across the country have signed up for our free marketing tools and technology to easily offer and sell lump-sum cancer and critical illness insurance plans online.

One insurance broker recently wrote to us saying, "It wasn't long before I signed up my first client for a $25,000 critical illness insurance policy. I couldn't believe how easy it was."

To help more insurance agents learn about our complementary support program and free online marketing tools, here are 6 unique features and resources we have to offer brokers:

  1. Custom-Branded Website: Your own website that is accessible 24/7 across online devices for your customers to easily search for free critical illness or cancer insurance policy quotes in seconds, click to adjust the desired coverage and full lump-sum payout amount of up to $100,000, and, compare policies and low monthly costs side-by-side.

    free marketing tools for insurance agents to sell critical illness insurance
  2. Switch and Save: You and your customers can also easily click to switch from critical illness policies to cancer insurance plans online (and vice-versa), plus save their quotes and e-applications at your website.  
  3. Digital Signature Form: There is no medical exam required for these lump-sum cancer and critical illness policies from top-rated insurance companies. Our technology and e-application makes it easy for your customers to purchase a plan through our secure digital signature form.
  4. Help People Financially Fill Growing Coverage Gaps: Consumers have become more aware of their health costs and how health insurance is not what it used to be. And, suffering from a heart attack or stroke, or being diagnosed with cancer, costs a lot in out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses (read statistics). You can help your customers with a cancer or critical illness plan that pays out the entire policy amount (up to $100,000) in a lump-sum upon diagnosis – allowing them to use the money however they choose.   
  5. CRM and Insurance Marketing Resources: Our Broker Support Program features a customized dashboard and secure online database for you to easily sort, track and follow-up with customers. This unique and complementary tool for insurance agents is accessible across online devices 24/7, and comes with free online marketing tools for lead nurturing and follow-up communications, plus reports on your commissions earned through insurance policy sales.
  6. High Commissions from Leading Brands: Your commission checks for insurance sales are sent directly from cancer and critical illness insurance companies, which include top-rated carriers and brands like Aetna, Cigna, Guarantee Trust and Humana.

To learn more about’s Broker Support Program and free marketing tools for insurance agents, click here. You can also contact us directly at 1.866.635.1752 to answer any questions and help you sell critical illness insurance and cancer policies online.  

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