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FEB 5th 2014

Healthy Aphrodisiacs: 5 Cancer Fighting Foods You’ll Fall In Love With

FEB 5th 2014
Healthy Aphrodisiacs: 5 Cancer Fighting Foods You’ll Fall In Love With

Valentine’s Day is on the way – and National Cancer Prevention Month is this February.

It’s the time of year for twosomes. So why not pull a two-for-one and try some cancer fighting foods that also serve as aphrodisiacs?

The jury is still out on whether these healthy foods can actually rev up your love life – but they really CAN help prevent cancer. So take a juicy bite, fight cancer, and feel the love this February.

Love Bite #1: Tomatoes

cancer fighting foods tomatoes

Folklore claims that the tomato improves sexual performance and stamina, so that’s one good reason to enjoy a few slices. (And perhaps share some with a partner.) However, the perks don’t stop there. The lycopene in tomatoes – an antioxidant that blocks cancer-causing free radicals – can help lower your risk of several types of cancer, including lung, stomach and prostate cancer. Now there’s something to love.

Love Bite #2: Avocados

cancer fighting foods avocados

How about a side of guacamole with that? The vitamin E in creamy green avocados does wonders – not only does it heighten sensation for a steamier night of romance, it may also reduce the risk of breast cancer. Not to mention phytochemicals like carotenoids, lutein and oleic acid – powerhouses that can help prevent prostate, head and neck cancers. Avocados are one of the best cancer fighting foods you can’t afford to turn down.

Love Bite #3: Chocolate

cancer fighting foods chocolate

You already knew about the feel-good chemicals that make the first bite of chocolate feel like the first moments of falling in love. But did you know that the phytochemicals and flavonoids in chocolate work to lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of cancer? Talk about a sweet deal.

Love Bite #4: Licorice

cancer fighting foods licorice

When it comes to extra benefits, licorice has Good ‘N’ Plenty. Since ancient times, the anise flavor has been thought to increase desire. But guess what? Licorice also contains a chemical – Isoangustone A – that suppresses the growth of malignant melanoma cells and reduce your risk of skin cancer. You could say it’s an aphrodisiac with a twist.

Love Bite #5: Hot Peppers

cancer fighting foods hot peppers

We couldn’t sign off without urging you to spice up your love life a little. Capsicum is the antioxidant that makes hot peppers hot – and connects them to arousal, pumping blood and dilated blood vessels. And, here’s something even more exciting: according to several recent studies, capsicum may literally kill cancer cells with heat. Don’t tell me that’s not a turn-on.

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Talk to us in the comments! What healthy foods are you eating to heat up your love life – and reduce your risk of cancer – this February?